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Preferred Distributor

Insight Cosmetics distributes high quality brands with focus on brand building, knowledge sharing and education. We serve more than 11.000 active doors across 8 countries in Northern and Western Europe.

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Complete Omnichannel

We operate as full service, value added distributor, operating the most advanced technologies available. We manage all elements from brand management, online and in store marketing, sales and customer service to online and offline education, merchandising, supply chain, finance and compliance. Fully integrated, always in-house and in all local languages.

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Customer Centric

We are driven by growth, highly automated and AAA financial rated, but most important – we never jeopardize the 1-1 value added service experience of each individual customer. Our Omnichannel strategy places customer in center, surrounded by 1-1 tailored and experience based customer journeys.


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About us


“Doing business with Insight Cosmetics, you should always feel important, valued, and understood. In every contact with us, you should expect excellent service, market-leading knowledge, and continuous sharing of great, inspirational techniques – everything delivered with the highest level of industry passion. If we don’t deliver value, we only deliver costs, which is unacceptable. Our finest goal is a long-time partnership sealed with your recommendation of our company!"

Mina Z. Lorenzen
Founder and Executive Chairman

Our History

In 2004 Insight Cosmetics was established by Mina Lorenzen to deliver high-quality education and products to the professional beauty industry. At that time, Mina Lorenzen was one of the most skilled nail professionals in Northern Europe, running her salon in the center of Copenhagen. She was missing a good and present supplier that understood her business and could deliver the service and collaboration she needed.

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Our Promise (tradeshow)

Today Insight Cosmetics serves more than 13.000 professional salons and beauty retailers across 8 countries in Northern Europe. Still today, it is our finest goal that each customer of ours always can recommend our company, our employees, our education, and our products warmly to others. In other words, as a customer, you should always experience the most excellent service dealing with us.

Our Mission (infographic--> circle -education,service , high quality products)

If we don’t understand to add value to our products, then we only add costs – which is of course not acceptable. Our business therefore builds on a very simple philosophy, that touches everything we do:

  • We will share the best knowledge and education available in market, because high professional skills strengthen your image, retain your customers, and increases your competitiveness.
  • We will with passion deliver the best service with the focus on improving your business, so that you can concentrate on your customers in the certainty, that you have a supplier behind that is always there together with you.
  • We will deliver products of the highest quality and wrapped in great techniques, because it creates long term consumer loyalty for the benefit of both you and us.
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Our Team

To deliver on our promise and our mission, we know that we are dependent on a great team of colleagues that not only know how to serve with a smile but also understands your needs, have deep knowledge about our products and techniques, and can make you feel valued and supported in the best way you can imagine. We are there for very lucky that we have gathered a team of more than 150 of the best colleagues and instructors working together around this goal of giving you the best experience our industry can offer.

Our Brands

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Senior Management


Mina Z. Lorenzen

Founder & Executive Chairman


Nis Juhl Lorenzen


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Benjamin Schulze



Lene Wiese Knudsen


Our Services (info graphics)

Insight Cosmetics operates as full service, value added distributor within both professional and retail distribution. We have local presence in all countries and all communication, customer service, compliance etc. is localized to perfection.

We have several years of highly successful experience within all areas necessary to succeed with great brands:

  • Brand Management Education, Training, Certification & Product Support (online and in class room)
  • Marketing & In Market Execution (in store, ex store, online/SoMe, PR and ATL)
  • Sales & Customer Service (physical, call center, online, SoMe etc.)
  • Staffing, Planograms, Large scale implementation, Merchandising & Events
  • Warehousing, Distribution, Finance, Legal, IT & Compliance


Fully Responsive

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Well Documented

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Easy to Use

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Lightning Fast

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Contact us

Insight Cosmetics Europe

Hejreskovvej 20
DK 3490 Kvistgaard

Phone: +45 3332 3322
Email: info@insightcosmetics.com

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